Memberships made simple

Easy and flexible design that tailors to your business.

Billing on your schedule

Set up auto recurring payments and terms that are customized for your business

Next day funding

Transparent pricing. Fast deposits. No surprise fees. Know exactly what you pay and get paid fast with MyStudio.

In-person payments
2.75% + $0.0 per swipe

(coming soon)

In-app payments
2.9% + $.55

Payments online
2.9% + $.55

Discount codes

Create and control discount codes for sign up fees and membership fees.

Paperless agreements

Easily attach membership agreements and terms for members to accept in-app and online.

Customizable registration fields

Get the information that you need. At the point of registration.

Set belt ranks and levels

Track rankings and levels for each program with optional attendance requirements.

Track member attendance

Manage studio member check-in, with the ability to set attendance limits for each membership option.

Convenient membership registration

Customers can register at any time, from anywhere — on your app, website, social media channels, or from mobile messages.

Registration on your mobile app

Sign up through your website

Share memberships on social media

Self service for customers

Members can update payment method, see transaction history, and manage their account right on your app.

Get the data that matters

Financial and other key business metrics are updated in real time on your management dashboard.

Easy data migration process

With a couple of clicks, existing members can easily update payment details and membership information into MyStudio.

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